Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swallowed Up By The Iphone 4 -- Or a Little Knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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I haven't posted in a few days because I have been swallowed up the by my new Iphone 4.  My problem is also that I know enough to be dangerous and I sat and futzed around moving contacts and pictures over from my Motorola Razr.  My Mac is in the shop so I was stuck moving  my stuff from the Razr to a PC and then to the Iphone.

Bluetoothing ended up slinging my bits into the ether (not ethernet!  Bad joke for the technologically knowledgeable) as I was having a hard time getting the PC to shake hands with the Razr or Iphone.  The computer and the cell phones really didn't want to pair... an ill-mated ensemble!  But after enough nagging and moaning,  like a bad old couple, my electronics finally went to bed with each other and swapped what they needed to swap.

Had I known less about technology, I could have finished earlier.  After getting the pictures moved, I could have just typed my contacts into the iPhone and saved myself a number of hours diddling with Outlook, iTunes, and   the Window's Bluetooth services...

Had I been on a Mac, I would have been finished much sooner.  But now back to the world, and the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

I haven't had problems with reception, yet... but will keep you posted.

Theoretically, this is going to make me more organized... you know, help with problems with executive function.

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