Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on Vision Therapy 6/23

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Today, we worked on some reading exercises with the Dynamic Reader... Marianne pushed my fluency up to 250 wpm but I lost reading comprehension with my score coming in at 70% ... I'm usually at 90% reading comp.
We also worked on peripheral vision with me focusing on a dot in the middle of the screen and letters popping up in random places. I hope I am not cheating by glancing to the sides... It's hard to tell.  Marianne doesn't think I am.

We also did some more audio-visual integration on the computer with me listening to a sequence of sounds and then selecting a visual pattern of those sounds in reverse.  So if I heard 2 beeps, 3 beeps 4 beeps, I would select 4 spots, 3 spots, and 2 spots.  Doing audio-visual integration work will help me follow instructions when I am working:  as people talk, I can focus on a written task; when I am working on a task, people can talk to me and I can follow instructions.

Finally, we worked on the accomodative system (the focusing system) by doing an exercise with flippers (2 pairs of glasses that you changed for each step of the exercise) where I looked for words in a bunch of scrambled letters.  Working on the accomodative system before helped decrease my prescription so that I am not as far-sighted as I used to be, but I think that I am plateauing in terms of this dimension of vision.  The real reason to plug away on the accomodative system is that it helps the muscles that are necessary to 3d vision.
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