Monday, July 19, 2010

Am I Looking At You? APD and Eye Contact

Here's a few useful tips from the on communicating with someone with Auditory Processing Disorder:
  • Always ensure the learner with APD is looking at you when you speak to them this allows them to lip-read more easily, a common strategy in those with APD, and to ensure they know you are talking to them.
     Speak clearly and ensure they have understood what you have said, not just by repeating it back to you, which can be done without comprehension.

     Seat the learner with APD at the front of the class to allow them to lip-read what the teacher says more easily.

     Ensure that the learner has a clear view of any board used to provide written information.

     Always provide written information on the board when speaking and always provide written additional instructions on paper for the learner to refer to when they are attempting a piece of work. 
  • Try to explain the purpose of the task you want the learner to perform, as many APDs are visual spatial learners who respond better to the whole concept, rather than asking them to perform an abstract exercise                             
      E.g. if they are to practise spellings or “wr” words tell them the purpose is to distinguish them from “r” spelling words etc.
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