Thursday, July 1, 2010

Giving the Finger But Not Flipping The Bird

Peripheral drift illusionPeripheral Drift Illusion Image via Wikipedia
My vision therapist has come up with an exercise to help me improve my peripheral vision:  Look at Your Finger While In A Car.  Obviously, I am not driving but my husband is.  I am staring at my finger (my forefinger and not my index finger.  Sheesh!)  and trying to be peripherally aware.  It was kind of cool last night because we were driving along River Road in Bucks County which is one of America's Top Scenic Drives and I became aware of a lot more things going on across the river.  Everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. To wit:  peaceful boaters on the Delaware and the large River Houses and Gardens dotting the River to the Sewage Treatment Plant just outside of Trenton

Tried it again this morning on the way to my husband's doctor's appointment and got a bit nauseated.  It's amazing how exhausting just staring at your finger can be.

We both think I am a little strange staring at my finger this way. I am waiting for someone to mistake which finger is being waved at us and then get mad at me for being rude!  I guess this is the season for flipping the bird:  Lady Gaga just did it.  Hope nobody calls me a Jerk like Seinfeld did to Lady Gaga!
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