Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gluten free on a budget

Foods that are tailor-made to be gluten free substitutes for wheat-based products tend to cost more but there are plenty of foods you can choose that are naturally gluten free. Stock up on potatoes, dried beans, (canned ones have an additive that makes me sick and I'm gluten free), chick peas, lentils and brown rice. Nuts are packed full of nutrition and are a healthy, gluten free snack. All fresh vegetables are gluten free as well as most frozen vegetables without seasonings or additives. Eggs can be used for breakfast as well as hard boiled to slice up in green salads or mash up with mayo for egg salad. (Hellmans' mayonnaise is gluten free.) Saving money this way will make buying gluten free staples such as rice pasta and rice or millet bread less of a burden on your budget.Do It Yourself

If you don't mind an upfront investment that will pay off and you have the time, buy a bread machine and start making your own gluten free bread at home. Or, use the baking utensils you already have and instead of buying a gluten free frozen pizza, opt for a gluten free pizza mix and make it yourself at home. The same goes for gluten free muffins, cookies or cakes. Pick up a mix and do the baking at home.
Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

If I really like a gluten free product, I send a quick email to the manufacturer and nine times out of ten; I receive a coupon in the mail. This can be a great money-saver when you require a special diet.


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