Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Iphone apps for Organizing and Hearing

I have been using my iPhone and have been going great guns at getting organized and taking advantage of different features...

So here's my digital adventure:

I have been going great guns with SoundAmp for my Auditory Processing problems.  I have APD and sound in noise is a problem.  SoundAmp amplifies the sound around me and I can set the fields for different frequencies or for near vs far sound.   It's not a cure for the problem but it definitely helps.

I also have used Tooleedo for organizing.  Unlike other organizers, it has duration.  I need help with understanding how long tasks take so I can schedule them properly.  Also, it has an automatic task scheduler, so that when I can't figure out how to plop the tasks in order, it optimizes them for me.

Reqall is great.  Sometimes, I just can't get it together to type in my lists or update my calendar and reqall will do it for me.  I can just call on my phone and reqall translates my call into text and updates my calendar and todo lists.

Shopping IQ is great.  I have been making shopping lists so that helps me not forget stuff when I go to the store or  coupons or store specials.  (Also helps keep that crap from flying around the house).

RedLaser is great for scanning in bar codes and hunting for deals... It goes out and searches the internet for both local stores and online deals.

I have been cheerfully getting rid of stacks of paper fluttering around the house.  I have been taking pictures of them and stuffing them in Evernote.  The new iPhone has a great camera-- an order of magnitude above the rest.   A lot of disorder in my house is just papers that I think I need for reference.  I am thinking of expanding this concept to magazines that have been piling up as well.  Just scan in the pertinent article and pitch the magazine. 

Binaural beats are good for relaxation.  There's music or pleasant sounds like rain or waterfall that have a brain wave set to different frequencies for energizing, relaxation or meditation.

 Iphone and Ipad apps for Special Ed

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