Friday, July 9, 2010

Soy Sauce is Just Roiling My Tummy

My poor tum-tum... I ate a marinade with a little bit of soy sauce in it (Just 1 Tablespoon for about 1/2 C of Marinade) because I didn't want to make two sets of grilled chicken  (His and Hers) and Boy, Howdy, Tummy is Angry!

I guess this means we have low sodium soy sauce version for Monsieur because he can't tolerate too much sodium and regular soy sauce is full of sodium.

And we will have gluten free (but high sodium content) soy sauce version for Madame because she can't tolerate the wheat in low sodium soy sauce.

I wonder if there isn't any heirloom soy sauce that is both gluten free (or low gluten) and low sodium.  What with all the problems with products coming out of China, it would be nice to find something either made in Japan (ideal) or made in USA.

Poor tummy....Poor little child...
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