Saturday, August 28, 2010

Block Designs

I think my IQ has gone up with vision therapy.   I had a hard time with the Weschler Blocks during the Neuropsychiatric exam and I had whizzed through them with special lenses during vision therapy.   The Weschler Block tests are indicative of appropriate functioning of the parietal and frontal lobes and test spatial and visual spatial ability.  There is supposed to be a correlation between spatial ability and math/science abilities.

So with that little thought in mind,  I took a look at some  Block Designs.  These are  some interesting visual permutations and combinations that I am going to work through with my husband.  Before I did vision therapy, I simply found a lot of these types of tests very tiring to work through.

Success and IQImage via WikipediaBut, you know, IQ SCHMIQ... intelligence is sooooo over rated... but I do feel like I am thinking in a much clearer fashion.  
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