Saturday, August 21, 2010

Community Supported Agriculture and Good Eats

CSA shareImage via WikipediaOriginally, I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for my husband's health, but we found it to be good eats.  My husband has diabetes which is well controlled thanks to him FINALLY adopting a more sensible diet.  I just LOVE seeing those happy blood sugar numbers ranging between 90-100 consistently without medication.  Given my tummy problems with fat malaborption, moving towards a higher fiber diet is a good thing too.   

Joining a CSA is an easy way to eat deliciously and nutritionally at the same time.  Each week, I get my box of veggies and fruits and I feel obligated to eat them. 

I was brought up in the days of the "Clean Plate Club" so I feel obligated not to waste what we have. 

I have made new friends with strange vegetables like kale, turnips, rutabaga and kohlrabi and started using new herbs such as lemon verbana, Asian Basils, horehound. 

We also get nice flowers like cosmos and sunflowers.

It does mean sometimes I am standing in the fields picking vegetables and fruits in the hot sun as some of our crops are Pick Your Own.  But that is a small price to pay for Good Eats.

We also can our leftovers so I feel virtuous.  In the winter, we get a bit of the sunshine of summer in fresh tasting canned goods.  We eat a lot more seasonally so I feel a very natural harmony and progression in my life.  We see the first crocus as winter peaks and begins to wind down.  We eat the first asparagus and then move through lettuce and peas in the spring.  As summer bursts forth, the squash and tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and peppers roll in.  With fall comes the butternut squash, turnips, broccoli, and rutabagas.  At the end of the season is the "Pig Out" where we glean the fields in time for Thanksgiving.  We do a last big festival of canning and freezing and then we wait for the spring.  

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