Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dairy Free Guidelines

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Want to avoid dairy?  A lot of times it's hard to do... cow based food seems like it's everywhere and, in fact, its in more places than what you think.   Like chocolate, as in MILK chocolate.  So, if I'm gonna have chocolate, better make it dark chocolate.  Fortunately, for my wallet's sake, I am not crazy about the expensive 70% cacao chocolates.

So, I found a good list showing foods that have dairy and good substitutes for the dairy free (casein free) crowd.  You'd never guess the foods that contain dairy products.   Whey gets into a lot of foods.
Or, how about, Catsup, olives, pickles, nuts, herbs, chili powder, salt?  How in the heck can food manufacturers get dairy into salt?  Some of the combinations sound abominable-- dairy in pickles?  Dairy in chili powder?

Food scientists seem to be able to just layer on flavors now don't they?

I only have a dairy intolerance so I don't have to watch my catsup but I pity those who have a full blown allergy.  Summer is rough for me--- I'd love to have ice cream but I just blow up for 3 days after I do, even using a lactase pill.  It's a shame as we have some lovely local creameries with fresh from the farm ice cream.  My local favorite is Zebra Striped Whale's mochacino.    As Rachel Ray would say, "Yum-mo!"

Sadly, I can't tolerate gelato which is a tragedy as I live in an area that has a lot of Italians and you know, Italians never make bad food. I think it is a national crime to be less than delicious.

I can tolerate sherbert (4% milk fat) once in a while but otherwise I have to stick to sorbets (no dairy) or Rita's Italian Water Ice.

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