Monday, August 30, 2010

Interactive Metronom, Golf, Hockey and Drums

Tactile Metronome Persistence of VisionTactile Metronome Image by Mat_the_W via Flickr
I have been looking at using metronomes  in real life both in terms of enhancing sports and music.  
I found this video about how to use  the Interactive Metronome to improve Hockey Playing.
IM and Hockey Video
I also found another article about the Interactive Metronome and Golf.  Apparently, in addition to Tiger Woods other players such as Vijay Singh and Glenn Day  are using it  to improve their swings.
Also, musicians are using the metronomes with tactile feedback to improve their drumming.

The Tactile Metronome uses multiplexed display circuitry to use three seven-segment digits with only 10 IO pins. It accomplishes this feat by turning the digits on and off rapidly, showing one at a time, but doing it so fast the human eye sees solid digits lit up. To take this picture, I shook the metronome in front of my camera. During the short time the shutter was open, 12 digits were displayed. Pretty cool stuff.
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