Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Picture Frame Is Coming To Get Me!

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"They're coming to get me!"
I did have one strange experience while lying in bed and seeing a picture frame and a curtain rod lunge at me which was a bit disquieting, to say the least.   I had had a full weekend of three dimensionality and I woke up and my eyes fell upon the picture frame and then the curtain rod.   They popped right out at me and I had this vague sense of being in a Hitchcock film-- you know those disorienting screen shots where he adjusts the camera angle closeups.  Hitchcock uses proximity to control the intensity of emotion:   a closeup fills the screen with emotion; a wide angled shot dissipates the emotion.  Also, the speed of transitioning from near to far and vice verse gives an element of surprise or deliberateness. 
Normally, our household objects stay put and help give a warming, calming ambiance to our home.  But, I had this feeling of my picture frame and curtain rods coming out to get me in a rather disquieting fashion.  So, I did what any red blooded American would do, and, in a profile of cowardice, I stuck my head under the covers and closed my eyes.   My eyes were hurting from all that architecture of the weekend and I think I just needed a rest.  I felt like a parakeet underneath a hood.

I curled under the covers put on some nice music and meditated for the morning.  When I opened my eyes,  the 3D effect from the picture frame and curtain rod was gone.  I was back to flat world which was a bit reassuring.  I could pull the picture frame into 3D if I concentrated on it.  When I did so, it wasn't as disorienting as I felt that I had more control.

Right now, I tend not to see small objects in three dimensions unless I really work at it.  I wonder how much of this will change as I get better at my latest vision therapy exercise: looking at my finger in space.   For most people, if they look at their finger in space, they will see 2 of everything in certain planes of space.  I am just beginning to do this.
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