Monday, August 16, 2010

People in 3D: Not Quite Yet

Blue PeacockImage via WikipediaI don't see people in three dimensions not yet...No, I don't see eyeballs in the pits of eye sockets or a probiscus protruding.  Faces still seem pretty much the same to me.  I am wondering if one day a schnozola will come a stalking me if someone is angry with me.  Or whether, I will look up into the fuzzy caverns of my husband's nose holes.  He has a fine Roman nose... but I don't see it sticking out yet. 

I don't see their bodies in 3 dimensions yet either.  I don't see breasts or derrierres as the fruit of which poets sing.  Fortunately, for the rotund, I don't see belly mountain. 

Heads are not yet  globes on the poles of necks.  Shoulders aren't broad.  Fingers aren't round sausages.  People are still very much the same as before.

 Except, I did have an awkward interview with a lady in an office.  For her, I do think that the interview started off in a strange way.  At the beginnning, my eyes were flitting all over the place.  I was having a really tough time controlling them.  I think she found me a bit disconcerting at first.  I finally had to tell myself to focus, focus, FOCUS!!!!!   Kind of like an air traffic controller screaming at a pilot about ready to crash and burn.  Nose up, Nose up, NOSE UP!!!!   PULLL THE RUDDER HARD!!!!  I finally got control over my eyes and brought them in for a landing on the lady's face.  During this time, the poor lady had this very uncomfortable look on her face.    Needless, to say, after I made contact, she seemed to relax and our conversation went a lot better. 

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