Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vergence Therapies

Human eye.Image via WikipediaAs my gentle readers know, I suffer from convergence insufficiency, my eyes don't focus correctly.  I have been wondering, as maybe some of you have been, when all this eye therapy will end.  As it turns out, I am coming to the end of the therapies.   I found a guide to vergence, the simultaneous movement of eyes during focusing,   Vergence Therapies.
Fortunately, I haven't had diplopia, double vision.  As the guide shows, I have done the Brock string exercises, the  pencil push ups (with a tooth brush), Vectographs and tranaglyphs, and the eccentric circles, and I will be moving onto the final phase when I return to vision therapy, which is the integrative phase.  We have done some of the integrative work already.  

It will be good and bad to finish vision therapy.  It's great to have my eyes fixed and it will be sad to leave Marianne and Dr. Herzberg.
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