Friday, August 20, 2010

Vision and Puzzles

A typical tangram constructionImage via Wikipedia
I have been working on a number of puzzles in order to improve my vision. I have problems "processing complex fields", in other words, looking at complex designs.  So, I've done some tangrams in vision therapy.  After I got an iphone I worked on tangrams lite, a free ap with loads of tangrams.  I've worked my way up to a medium level where the puzzle is a different scale and rotation from that presented in the template and I've got a bit stuck  so I've decided to move on to other puzzles for a while.
a drawing of a 4 piece jigsaw puzzleImage via Wikipedia
We have a branch of the "Puzzle Palace" near my house.  So I went and bought the Traffic Jam and two 500 piece puzzles.  The Traffic Jam is a puzzle where you try to move a car out of a maze. 

We got 2 500 piece puzzles:   one of a sailboat and the other of Philadelphia.  The sailboat puzzle was much easier because it wasn't as detailed.   The Philadelphia puzzle was much harder.  There was a lot of the puzzle that looked a like.  A lot of repetition.

We've also tried a 1000 piece puzzle which was much harder.  Eventually Got that one too. 

But I am a bit puzzled out.  I get a bit dizzy from working on the puzzles.  So I am going to take a break from puzzles.

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