Friday, September 24, 2010

As She Is

I was listening to the radio in my car the other day and I was quite taken in by a song that I want to share with my Gentle Readers.  I didn't know the title of the song, so I grabbed my iphone and hit the app, Shazam, and pointed it at the radio.  Shazam is rather cool.  You can point it at the radio and it will give you all kinds of information about a song, its title, its lyrics, the band, etc.  You can post to Facebook and find the song on Youtube as well.   I was at a red light while I was Shazamming... don't do this while driving.

The song was "As She Was" by the Talking Heads.   As my hearing improves and I can hear most of the lyrics to songs, I have been reliving my youth.  This song is about a girl having an out of body experience while tripping on LSD on a field outside the Yoo-Hoo factory in Baltimore.  I can't help but identifying with this song.  Not that I take LSD; but that through much of life, I was out-of-body looking down at the world from a distance. I was a lot more disconnected from the world than the girl in the song.  But on a good day, there was a certain synchronicity with the universe but from a distance. 

Now, through all the occupational and physical therapy, I am joining the universe. So, therapy is actually bringing me into the land of the living.  I feel like I am "Rising up above the Earth and Moving into the Universe".   I am having more relationships with the world around me -- both inanimate objects and living creatures.  This has a lot of implications for consciousness.   The girl in the song is joining the land of the missing persons but I am going in reverse and joining the land of everyone and everything.    She is missing enough to feel alright and I am seeing, hearing, feeling  more to feel alright.  Her sense of time is looking back at her experience in the past.... my sense of time is changing to look at things as they are occurring right now

To paraphrase the song:  "the world is moving and I am right there with it".

As I Am... As She Is. 

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