Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dreaming Seinfeld and Chagall

Jerry Seinfeld at the 44th Emmy AwardsImage via WikipediaI dreamt of Seinfeld and Chagall.  It's funny that I dreamt of Seinfeld, as I never was a fan of his show.  It really was a show about nothing but, that was, in fact the point.  These really were two different dreams, or I should say, one dream and one vision, as I was wide awake for Chagall.

My dream about Seinfeld went like this... I was sitting on a bench in Central Park, NYC with MIL.  It was one of those long benches and I was sitting next to her, close, but not too close -- about 1-2 persons' width away.  I was pecking like a chicken at my iPhone when I looked up and saw Jerry Seinfeld standing in front of me.  He asked me if I knew that he was Jerry Seinfeld,  and I said, "Yes" and went back to pecking at my iPhone.  He attempted to engage me in conversation but I was rather nonplussed and more interested in my iPhone.   Whereupon, MIL started to flirt with him, which was unusual as MIL is 90 years old and is adamantly off men.  But she started to gently tease him in an offbeat way... something about running her toes up and down his back.  He didn't seem to mind.  A crowd gathered behind us.. and then I woke up.

My second dream, or should I say, vision, as I was wide awake, was taking place in a Chagall painting.  I was  in my wedding dress with my hair done in an updo and a tiara on my head.  I was zooming about an indigo sky with stars with my arms outstretched.  My husband had just taken the veil off my head which had been irritating me with the comb jabbed into my skull and I was feeling free.  I was soaring and looping through the sky, over hill and dale,  and then crossing over a river to where my husband and a wise woman in Celtic robes were waiting for me.

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