Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eye Tracking and Predators

Maybe, on some evolutionary level, I wasn't cut out to be a predator.  According to Diana Ackerman in The Natural History of the Senses, "Predators have  eyes set right on the front of their heads so they can use precise, binocular vision to track their prey,  whereas prey have eyes at the sides of their heads so they can be aware of predators sneaking up on them".  The point of the vision therapy has been to straighten out my focus.  I don't focus normally the way that the diagram to the left has me looking.

This also means I don't see things clearly in crowded visual fields.  Today, in occupational therapy,  we worked on looking for numbers in a field of numbers on a page.  I had to scan different portions of a page in order to look for my numbers.  I did well with that but it was tiring when I had to look in a more crowded field.

So, maybe I was meant to be a grass eater and not a meat eater.  I would have starved as a predator.

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