Monday, September 27, 2010

Update with Audiologist

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I called my audiologist, Maxine Young, to schedule an appointment for the next steps on fixing my hearing, last week.  As my gentle readers know, I suffer from tinnitus and Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

I caught her up on the various therapies that I had been doing since I talked to her last:  Tomatis/Balametrics, Interactive Metronome, Vision Therapy, and Occupational Therapy for Vestibular Problems.  I felt that despite the onset of tinnitus that my listening abilities have improved. I can hear lyrics in many more songs than what I used to.  I still have problems hearing in noise and talking in groups. I might be lip reading, as well.

I also told her that I will be having surgery to fix my sinuses and unblock my nose at the end of October.  Her feeling was that I should not do any more auditory therapy until after the surgery.  We would review the findings of the audiologist I had seen for tinnitus and that, probably we could find a cheaper hearing aide.  The hearing aide that was recommended was the Widex Mind 440, the Cadillac of hearing aids.   I trust Maxine's judgment on the hearing aids.  While it is nice to save money,  it is important to watch quality.   

Also, the sinus surgery could possibly relieve some of the fluid that is in my ear and improve my hearing and balance.  I think I will have to update the nasal surgeon  on my various conditions and make sure that the surgery planned will address any sinus problems that impact my vision and hearing as well as the reduced sense of smell.  Fluid in the ear would lead to a reduction in hearing of high frequencies -- I have hearing loss at 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 Hz in my right ear; and hearing loss at 8,000 Hz in my left ear.

Right now, Maxine thinks we should work on amplification first and then auditory processing.  But, we will have a consult after my ears have healed from the surgery and plan a course of action at the beginning of next year. 

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