Saturday, September 4, 2010

Visit with Occupational Therapists for Balance, Interactive Metronome and Eye Tracking

Occupational Therapy Badges Occupational Therapy Badges Image by 28Gwyn via FlickrI went to AllCare Therapy Services to be evaluated for Occupational Therapy.  It took forever to get on their schedule but they are one of the few providers of Interactive Metronome that takes my insurance. 

At any rate, they did an overall evaluation and checked my balance.  I am a bit weaker on my right side which seems to fit my last evaluation of the Interactive Metronome where I was significantly weaker doing toe tapping while standing on my right foot.  They had me moving my legs from left to right and up and down.   I do feel more wobbly standing on my right leg.

They did a quick check of my eyes.  I have problems eye tracking when my eyes cross the middle of my body.  My eyes jump when they cross the middle of my body.  It's the old "crossing the midline" problem.  Apparently, if you don't cross your body properly that leads to all kinds of problems with reading and motor skills and planning.

Finally, they checked me clapping with the Interactive Metronome (IM).  I am clapping at 90 milliseconds... so I gave up the gains that I had made with my first round.  I'm kind of bummed out about that... but I knew I wasn't finished with IM.   So I've ordered Dance Revolution as a practice aide while I am waiting for therapy to start.  I will use it for "homework".

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