Sunday, October 17, 2010

Accupuncture and Autism

According to Chinese medicine,  there are 5 differentiations of Autism: 
  •  First differentiation is Liver Heat:  Excessive Liver Heat leads to Hyper activity, Anxiety, Anger, Insomnia, and Compulsive, Self-Destructive Behaviors. 
  • Second differentiation is Spleen Deficiency, mucus block liver meridian:  Spleen Deficiency leads to indigestion and poor absorption of nutrients, which cause mucus accumulation, bacteria imbalance, reflex, constipation, and obesity.
  • Third differentiation is mucus blocks heart (mind) meridian:  It leads to sensitive to sound and light, Asperger Syndrome, seizure and Insomnia
  • Forth differentiation is Kidney Deficiency (weakness):  It leads to Speech Delay, sensory & motor development delay, and Mental concentration problem.
  • Fifth differentiation is Lung Qi Deficiency:  It leads to immune dysfunctions, allergies. 

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