Monday, October 11, 2010

Development Hierarchy

from The Mind-Eye Connection shows the relationship between foundational skills starting with biochemical systems and muscle/perceptual systems and higher order thinking.

A recap for those of my gentle readers who have not been following my progress:

I have addressed many of these in the course of my therapy so far:
  • Nutrition:  Found out that I have problems metabolizing fat and have vitamin D and B12 deficiencies and gluten/dairy intolerance.  So, I have changed my diet and started taking vitamin supplements and probiotics/VSL3.
  • Muscle Skills:   Addressing motor skill problems including vestibular (balance) and propriception(body sense).   So, I have  done Tomatis/Balametrics and Interactive Metronome.  Additionally I am doing exercises to strengthen my core.   Also, these therapies have enhanced my overall awareness of my body.  In the process of doing this therapy, I have found that my feet are misaligned and am in the process of getting my feet straightened out.  In the course of doing vision therapy, I have been strengthening eye muscles involved in eye tracking, focusing and binocular vision (3D vision).  I am looking for Occupational Therapy that strengthens fine motor skills.
  •  Perceptual systems:  Vision therapy has enhanced perception. I am on the verge of seeing in 3 Dimensions.  Since my ability to focus has improved, I see a lot more details in the world around me. Also, some of the Tomatis/Balametrics exercises and the Interactive Metronome has enhanced my hearing and my sense of being connected to the earth. I will be getting sinus surgery soon and that should improve my sense of smell dramatically.   Finally, getting my feet taped, stimmed and doing exercises to align my body helps me feel the earth more solidly under my feet.   I am starting to have a relationship to my environment as opposed to a feeling of looking at the world out of a window.
  • Attention and Cognition:  These skills have not been addressed specifically, however, I find that as my body starts working correctly,  I don't need to concentrate on functions that now occur automatically.  So, my working memory is not crowded out.  I am not as forgetful.  I feel "smarter".  I am finding that I am doing better on visual tests.  
  • Emotional:  I find that I am looking at events in my past and understanding them in the light of disabilities.  A number of fears and anxieties are being quelled.  I am no longer afraid of heights as my vestibular system is much stronger.  Physically, I can control more of the world around me as my hand-eye coordination has improved.  Mentally, I feel clearer.  On the other hand, a lot of old and fundamental anxieties are raising their head.  I imagine that as physical therapy proceeds that many of these will eventually calm down.
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