Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting the Feet Straightened Out -- Visit 3

Modern DanceModern Dance Image by Kevin Eddy via Flickr
Chugged on down to Old City Philadelphia for another visit to the podiatrist.  Got my toes "racked" in traction and my feet stimmed and taped again. 

Dr Diamond has a most interesting assemblage of assistants.  This time, my assistant, is a modern dancer.  So we chatted about modern dance while my toes were being "racked".  She is going to be dancing with Lucinda Childs' company and is quite excited about it.  For those of you not up on modern dance, Lucinda Childs was the leading dancer and choreographer with Robert Wilson and Philip Glass on the opera Einstein on the Beach when it was first produced.  Einstein on the Beach is an avant garde opera with highly repetitive music and Childs' very intellectual choreography plays to the patterns  found within the music.   The opera doesn't have a plot... but is more about creating a relationship with Einstein than it is about his life story.  

We also talked about dance classes for adults.  I would like to build on the exercises that I am doing and take some dance classes later on next year. There is a Friday night workshop of Community Modern Dance where people gather and relate to each other via dance.  Sounds like fun but I  feel I need to have some vocabulary in dance otherwise I will just look grotesque.

Apparently, my story about the various therapies, especially the Interactive Metronome,  I have been doing has struck a chord of interest in Dr. Diamond's office.  Last week, I was talking to an occupational therapist about it and the staff had overheard my conversation.  They were really interested in it and the OT brought in the Interactive Metronome for the staff to try.  They all thought it was really cool.  I could see how the staff would relate to it as many of them are dancers and would be fascinated by rhythm.

Finally,  we tried a little accupuncture.  Dr Diamond stuck some needles in my feet, legs, hip and head.  I rested under a heat lamp directed towards my abdomen for a bit 10 minutes.

Dr. Diamond asked me how I felt over the past week and I told him that I had felt more "grounded" both physically and psychologically.   I asked him if straightening out the feet played a role in sorting out problems with proprioception (input from the muscles and joints about body position, weight, pressure, stretch, movement, and changes in position) sense.  He seems to think so.  I notice that doing the exercises he has me doing make me more aware of pressure coming from the earth in  my feet and legs.  

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