Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nosing after the Nose

Since I am all things nose these days, I thought I'd share with you a little poem about the nose:

(after Gogol)
The nose went away by itself
in the early morning
while its owner was asleep.
It walked along the road
sniffing at everything.
It thought: I have a personality of my own.
Why should I be attached to a body?
I haven't been allowed to flower.
So much of me has been wasted.
And it felt wholly free.
It almost began to dance
The world was so full of scents
it had no time to notice,
when it was attached to a face
weeping, being blown,
catching all sorts of germs
and changing colour.

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This poem was inspired by Gogol's story about the nose.  An official in St. Petersburg lost his nose.  The nose jumped off his face and began to lead a life of its own.

A statue of the giant nose, inspired by Gogol's story, was erected in St Petersburg. After seven years it went missing and was only found again a year later. See the BBC News story at:
An interesting point about Nose in Russian is that it is dream spelled backwards.
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