Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on the Nose: Pre-operative visit with the Nasal Surgeon

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 I am going to get my sinuses drilled out on Monday.  I should be able to breathe better and with a bit of luck,  I will get a chunk of my sense of smell back.  Talked to the surgeon on Wednesday and did the clearances necessary for surgery.   He agrees that I will be able to breathe better through my nose.
He is making no promises on regaining the sense of smell but is pleased to note that the mixture of afrim and lidocaine he used to open up my nasal passageways in order to stick the camera up my nose has allowed me to smell the funk of the University of Pennsylvania's Medical School and heating vents.  I worked as an undergraduate at the Penn Med School and I never smelled the funk. Never.  Not that, after having smelled, I feel like that was any great loss!  But still, it's nice to smell.
I agree that there may be other things going on with the nose that the surgery may not correct. I understand that there may well be more things towards getting the sense of smell back online than the surgery can correct.   There may be sensory integration problems with the smell like there are with other problems I have with vision, motor, hearing, etc. skills.  But, I am optimistic that my sense of smell will improve  based on my experience at the med school and the dose of prednisone that I used earlier this year.
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