Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Health In 2020

Mind Map of Connected Health
  By 2020, the status quo will give way to personalized health care. More care will be provided remotely. Patients will become empowered participants. Technology will help coordinate care results and yield consistently better outcomes. Our growing knowledge of genetics will lead to personalized therapies. Patient adherence to treatments will improve. Outcomes will be measurable. Hospitals will leave less room for human error--and doctors will refocus on patient care.    Existing technologies make it possible to provide more services outside traditional settings. Telemedicine systems like Bosch's Health Buddy allow clinicians to consult patients electronically, view abnormalities in data streams and adjust medications before they end up in the hospital. Research at Japan's Showa University showed that remotely monitoring asthma patients reduced hospital visits by 83%, over a six-month period. Results like these offer hope that, in 10 years' time, remote care will keep patients healthy and at home.
Your Health In 2020 -
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