Friday, November 26, 2010

101 Fascinating Brain Blogs

Found an interesting collection of blogs relating to all things brain.    There are blogs that look at psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, technology, ethics and law, multidisciplinary studies involving the brain, mental disorders, and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff.

Tractographic reconstruction of neural connect...Tractographic Reconstruction of Neural Connections Image via Wikipedia 101 Fascinating Brain Blogs

Unfortunately, the blog Cognitive Daily has gone off line.  The author of the blog points readers towards the psychology and neuroscience blogs of Research Blogging,

There are some interesting ones here:
  • Splintered Mind  about Perception -- a little dense but it is going to be interesting to me as I move up the cortex into issues beyond getting the basic senses working
  • Intelligent Insight -- about IQ tests and Intelligent Assessment
  • Mind Hacks -- interesting use of technology and interfacing with the brain
  • Brain Hammer   -- neurophilosophy
  • Somatosphere -- intersection of psychology, anthropology and medicine
  • Situationist -- from Harvard:   politics, the law, social psychology, and neuroscience.
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