Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coming to the End of the Row With Occupational Therapy?

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Saw my Occupational Therapist and we went over some of the test results.
She had done the Quick Neurological Scan Test and really didn't find much except for some balance issues.  Some of the balance assessment is a little bit off because I was taking prednisone and that was making me wobbly.
She also redid the Sensory Profile Test and I am still scoring "Low Registration"-- that is, input from my senses doesn't register.  So we might do a little Sensory Integration Therapy to increase alertness.
We talked about things like Fine Motor Skills and she is thinking the problem may not be fine motor skills in and of themselves but more problems with attention or something else affecting higher cognition and not the body itself.  I could learn to knit a bit slower than everyone else.  I could knit a few rows perfectly fine.   But I couldn't sustain it for 100 rows without major effort. So maybe it is time to move on up the cortex and work with a neuropsychologist.
We'll also work on some more Activities of Daily Living.... Woe for hubby as he will have to change some of his evil ways.
We have scheduled a couple of visits but I am thinking that this is all she has to offer.  We shall see.
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