Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Steps with Brain Fitness

Chart showing the relative changes in pitch fo...Chart for Chinese Tones, Image via WikipediaWell, I just did my first exercise session with the  Brain Fitness program from Posit Science.  Interesting.  This program is designed to help both auditory processing and executive function problems.   I did the Hi or Lo exercise which is designed to help with processing speed (think faster).   Hi or Lo plays sweeping sounds that start low and go hi or vice verse.  You are to identify the sounds played by clicking on the appropriate arrow.  It starts easier and then gets harder.  I messed up a bit and it was not quite so simple.  The funny thing is that I speak Mandarin Chinese which involves tones.  In fact, two of the four tones of the language are sweeping up or sweeping down.  So I should be better at this.  But I had my little problems. 

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