Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Share Our StrengthImage via WikipediaToday's a Good Day to Give Thanks  For What We Got.

I have been hiding from the early onslaught of XMAS as I am a traditionalist and like to enjoy my fall before XMAS shopping starts.    I really like the feeling of autumn winding down and turning into winter.   The sense of the harvest and the time allowed to give thanks for what we got.  I like the Catholic sermons and readings at Mass at this time of year about the end times as it prepares me for advent and the waiting time for XMAS.   I like the walks in the woods at this time seeing the leaves on the ground and the bare trees.

My body and soul just don't feel right without going through this cycle on a yearly basis.  Today,  I will give thanks and be with my family and be glad for what I got.

So here's what I like to give thanks for:
  • Thanks that unlike some folks, I don't have to be absolutely looking through every ingredient on a menu searching for the errant teaspoon of wheat or dairy as I am merely gluten/dairy intolerant and not allergic.  
  • Thanks for getting coupons on Amazon that have allowed me to get things for free that help my therapy without busting my budget. 
  • Thanks to my therapists who have helped me tremendously.
  • Thanks to my hubby for being supportive and positive through my journeys through the cortex. 
  • Thanks to my MIL for starting to come around on and not be judgemental about having a disability
  • Thanks to my readers for toiling through some pretty turgid posts about neurology.
  • Thanks that there is a pretty fair chance that most of my neurological problems are solvable ones.  
  • Thanks for the Improvement in my vision.
  • Thanks for Vision Therapy.
  • Thanks for Not Being as Clumsy as I Used to Be.
  • Thanks for the Improvement in my hearing.
  • Thanks for the ability to hear Lyrics in Pop Music.
  • Thanks for having more rhythm as I dance. 
  • Thanks for not feeling like I am about ready to fall out of a car as I sit in the passenger seat.
  • Thanks for not feeling like I am going to slip and fall.
  • Thanks for not being afraid of heights like I used to be.
  • Thanks for the Increased Clarity of Thought.
  • Thanks for Not Being a Pain because I am not forgetting as many things as I used to be.
  • Thanks for Not Being a Pain because I am not asking people to repeat things they just said.
  • Thanks for Not Being a Pain because I couldn't see something everyone else could see... that was obvious to everyone else. 
  • Thanks for Not Being a Pain because I was dropping everything.
  • Thanks for Increased Organization in my life.
  • Thanks for a calmer tummy leading to a calmer mind.
  • Thanks for the strength to do what I have to do to get better.
  • Thanks for feeling a lot more calm because I am in more control of my body.
  • Thanks that I have roof over my head and food on my plate, unlike so many worthy people who are facing misfortunes this year.
  • Thanks that I have the health insurance and resources to cover my therapy.
  • Thanks for Increased awareness for neurological disabilities.
  • Thanks to God for watching out for me
Also, for those who don't have enough to eat this Thanksgiving, a number of bloggers are doing an empty plate blog post.    Mark Twain has noted:  "The observance of Thanksgiving Day--as a function--has become general of late years. The Thankfulness is not so general. This is natural. Two-thirds of the nation have always had hard luck and a hard time during the year, and this has a calming effect upon their enthusiasm."  Remember 25% of our nation's children are on food stamps.   A lot of good people are on unemployment; many for over 1 year with their benefits set to run out. So, let's think of other people, and donate to Share Our Strength.

I am going to post some happy thoughts for those having a tough time.  On a lighter note, here's some Thanksgiving jokes and stories:
Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

Silly Thanksgiving Jokes

If you'd like a nice story to read together as a family later in the day,  here's Louisa May Alcott's, "An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving" or Emil's Thanksgiving, or "Over the River to Grandmother's House".

I think it's important to remember to share and to take some time for gratitude.  

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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