Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Next Step with Occupational Therapist

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Got a referral from my General Practitioner to a Physical Therapist to the Occupational Therapists over at Kinnetic Rehab.  I want to use up the rest of my visits for Occcupational Therapy for this year and then figure out what needs to be done for next year.

I met with the therapist on Monday and she gave me a General Neurological Assessment.  It's the first time I had a formal OT assessment according to a standardized form.   So it's a bit comforting to know that the practice  uses a standard industry practice.  These tests were interesting:  I touched my finger to my nose and the OT's finger with my eyes opened and closed.  I stretched my arms out, my legs out, and stuck out my tongue and held this position for 30 seconds.  The OT had me close my eyes, traced numbers in my hand and asked me to tell her what number she had traced.  I wasn't doing a good job when she traced the number with the top towards the heel of my palm; but when she traced the number with the top towards the top of my palm I did much better.   I drew some shapes.  I tracked a pencil moving up and down and left and right with my eyes.

My balance wasn't too good today.  I couldn't stand on either foot for too long and I was having problems walking with one foot placed right in front of another.   I have done much better in previous assessments.  I think I have fluid in my ears and a lot of drainage from the sinus surgery. 

Also, I did the SIPT test  for Sensory Processing.  It will be interesting to see how this is scored.  I am making many different choices than I had made originally a year ago with A Total Approach.

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