Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Occupational Therapy First Session With Jean

Monday, we did three things:

  • Wii Hab
  • Sensory Integration Coaching, and
  • Fine Motor Skill Drill
Wii Hab:  I did the Rhythmic Boxing on the Wii and got a score of 200.   The Wii Trainer (not Jean!) continues to yell at me for not even breaking a sweat!  But he doesn't know how much it took for me to get the coordination together so that my left and right hands coordinate with my feet.    It's a good thing, Jean had told me in advance that Rhythmic Boxing is a good thing so that I had practiced in advance at home.  

Sensory Integration Coaching:  Jean gave me a Sensory Motor Preference  Checklist (more checklists!) to look at alerting/calming mechanisms and instructions to do a diary of sensory activities.  She is following the approach of the game, "How Does My Engine Run" to get me aware of when I need to alert or calm myself or stay in "idling" position.    This checklist looks at oral motor input (putting stuff in your mouth), vestibular/proprioceptive input (movement), tactile input (touch),  visual input (looking at things). 

I do a little bit of this already.  We have changed our daily wake up routine:  A gentle dawning light starts to fill the room 1/2 hour before we get up.  I hand crafted a CD that plays music instead of having an alarm go off (although we do have the alarm as a backup for those days when we sleep through it).   The CD starts off softly with 2 gentle Enya songs, the third is a more dynamic, but gentle Enya, the next is a soft but more dynamic Mozart, and finally, sprightly Mozart.  This whole approach is easier on both of us and we find we wake up and get out of bed in a more alert and energetic and better frame of mind.

Fine Motor:  I tried to pick up little plastic pegs with a clothespin and put them in a pattern.  I had done some of this in vision therapy with green and red colored films over the pattern to be copied but without the clothespins.  I am a bit slow with this activity as I was having a hard time picking up my pegs.  Also, I have been going back to compensating by counting out my patterns instead of looking at them quickly and matching the pattern automatically like my optometrist, Dr. Herzberg would like me to do.  (It's the part vs whole business -- I will explain this later). 

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