Friday, November 12, 2010

Out of the Woods With My Nose: I Can Breathe!

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Went to see the nasal surgeon, Dr. Palmer, and he yanked out the rest of the spacers in my nose.  I am a bit of a wuss about these things and I find I do better if people yak their heads off while they are doing things that hurt me.  So, I heard about my Irish Nurse Practitioner's life in Seattle and Dr. Palmer's adventures in getting his eyebrows plucked!  It went much better than last time and I didn't feel too much pain.

Right now, my schnozz is a bit sensitive but otherwise OK.  I am doing my nasal rinses to get out all the guck from the surgery.  I am a bit exhausted from the whole surgery and have been creeping and crawling trying to get back my old life.  Other than a low energy level, I am OK.

I think my dentist will be happy that my sinuses are clear.  I will be going back to my old dentist in February when we change dental insurances.  Apparently, I have been a mouth breather (maybe in more ways than one!) and being a mouth breather leads to chronic gingivitis and malocclusion (poorly aligned teeth) which I have.  

My tinnitus has been fluctuating on and off.  I had a nice low period with no tinnitus while I was taking the pain killer.  Unfortunately, once I was off painkillers,  it has come back. 

I will go see Dr. Doty at the Taste & Smell Clinic in January to find out more about my sense of smell. 

I am taking nice big gulps of air through my nose. It's nice to breathe now.  I am finding that I am hearing much better and that I am starting to have more depth perception in my vision. There is no fluid in my ears now.  Dr. Palmer doesn't think there is a known correlation between the sinus surgery and vision but I can truly say that my vision seems to have improved since surgery. 

Alternate Breathing (or, the yoga technique,  Nadisudhi Pranayama)  through the nose is getting a bit of attention in the medical journals.  I did a quick scan of Pubmed and have been finding a number of studies claiming a variety of benefits including spatial reasoning, grip strength, relief from anxiety and depression, etc.  I will be writing more on this later.
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