Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Up the Nose and Around the Eyes

Well, today was my post op visit for my sinus surgery.  Everything is going along nicely although it wasn't a particularly pleasant visit having sharp things stuck up your nose.   Dr. Palmer removed some of the spacers and sponges, cleaned out some nasty gunk with a special vacuum cleaner and invited me back for another visit next week.   I can go back to doing my eye exercises and also I can start the auditory exercises from Brain Fitness (more on this in  another post).   I can also go swimming.  

I can breathe a bit better but I am still clogged up.   No change in the sense of smell.  Dr. Palmer said to make an appointment over at the Penn Taste and Smell Clinic to follow up in a month when the sinuses are fully open. 

However, I am noticing periodically that I am seeing some things in 3D.  I am getting this fleeting sense of depth between objects.   Maybe my brain and eyes just needed  a bit more air to get things going. 

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