Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dance Revolution and Me

I just went back to trying Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).  I have gotten the hang of it and can function at the beginner mode.  I am doing it a bit lightly.... it more depends on my husband's TV viewing schedule.  The WII is hooked up to the downstairs TV and the Xbox with DDR is in the bedroom.  If hubby is downstairs "locked on tube", the WII is thus unavailable and I do DDR.   My plan is to finish Brain Fitness in the next two weeks and figure out where I am planning to plateau with the WII.  When I reach my plateau, I will switch off and do DDR.   I may put off DDR and tackle it after I get orthotics.  I haven't decided yet.

When I first got DDR, I didn't have much luck with it so I put it aside. But this time, I have figured out how to set the mode for each dance to Beginner and to slow down the beat.  I have been "Walking Like an Egyptian" and dancing to "Apache" and "I Like the Way She Moves".    Kind of reliving my adolescence.  Next thing you know I'll be putting up Michael Jackson posters in my bedroom. Controller for Dance Dance RevolutionImage via Wikipedia

On a more serious note, I am interested in DDR as an adjunct to the Interactive Metronome therapy I've done.  I don't think DDR can replace IM because:
  • The pace of  IM can be adjusted to suit individual needs and DDR can't. 
  • IM provides a sequential, logical learning hierarchy and critical feedback for timing, DDR does not.
  • IM is beat is rhythmic and predictable which is critical to motor planning, DDR is not.
But i think it will help keep the skills I've learned with IM.  Annecdotally, other people have had luck gaining similar benefits from DDR as they have received from IM.   I think the balance work  both with the WII and the other exercises that the doctors have been giving me that I've been doing is paying off.

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