Friday, December 10, 2010

Dual Exceptionalities

AFINS logo. AFINS is a non-profit assciation f...Image via WikipediaDouble the Trouble, Double the Fun!  What happens when you are both very bright (gifted) and disabled?   Brandywine Special Needs PTA has republished an article by Colleen Willard-Holt:

Gifted students with disabling conditions remain a major group of underserved and understimulated youth. This digest stresses the importance of both accommodating the disability appropriately while recognizing and nurturing the individual's intellectual strengths. Discussion of assessment is followed by a series of lists intended to assist parents and teachers in recognizing intellectual giftedness in the presence of a disability: gifted students with visual impairments, gifted students with physical disabilities, gifted students with hearing impairments, and gifted students with learning disabilities. Three additional lists are intended to help distinguish between gifted students who are bored and students who have an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The final section considers implications for students with dual exceptionalities in lists which address implications for identification, instruction, and classroom dynamics.
The PTA gives some lists to help identify "gifted" people with disabilities and shows their strengths and weaknesses both by physical and mental disability type.

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