Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frying My Brain

Frying my brain with neurofeedback.  I've had two sessions so far with neurofeedback and I guess that the therapist needs to diddle the controls a bit more.

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During my first session, they put the electronic lead in the middle of my head in a spot called CZ and I watched the EEG Spectrum game Chomper.  Chomper is a souped up Pac-Man where a little smily face runs around eating dots.  I am supposed to maintain a certain mental state and "external focus" so that the smily face keeps moving and eating.  When I fall out of the state,  the smily face stops and the dots become bigger.  The game seemed to go pretty well at first and then got harder to keep going.   Unfortunately, the next few days, I felt pretty irritable and nervous. After two or three days, I didn't feel so bad.   But the therapist decided not to try this again.

At the next session, we tried a new game. he therapist put the leads in the center of my head on both the left and right side at the points known as C3 and C4.  I think we are trying to work with the SMR waves.   At the top of the screen is a blue pac man and to his left and right are  purple and yellow ghosts.  My job is to keep the Pac Man at the top of the screen happy (he smiles when he's happy and frowns when he's not) and the ghosts quiet (the ghosts get a bit scarey when they are not in the right spot).  There is a meter below each character character so I know which way I am going.  Also in the middle of the screen, is another Pac Man game with a PacMan game and the two ghosts.  I am to try and keep this pacman eating and moving.    I really wasn't two successful at this game and the therapist kept diddling the controls to compensate. 

 So we tried a new game of Boat Race.  T I tried to focus on the middle boat in the race.  This game didn't go too well either and the therapist kept diddling with the controls.

I didn't have the irritability and anxiety I had with the first game; however, my tinnitus really flared up.  I am hoping it dies down in the next day or two as it is really obnoxious.   I really wished the new points of C3 and C4 had worked because these are points that hit both attention and fine motor skills

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