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How The X-Box Kinect Tracks Your Moves

Effort Graph / Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) 4...Image via WikipediaHow the Kinnect will change everything
For the human body tracking, we had to re-think how to approach development for something of this nature. There is a reason why this level of technology or this level of innovation hasn't really existed before. And that reason is, because if you think about it, traditional heuristic-based programming is a world of digital land. It's zeros and ones. It's yes and nos. It's trues and falses. 

The real world, the world of humans, the world we live in is an analog world. It's a world where it's not about yes and no, it's about maybe. It's not about black and white. It's about gray. If you think about it, to understand and track humans - let's just think about joints on the human body. You have several different joints. Now multiply that number by the degrees of freedom that each one of those joints has. Multiply that by the different proportions of the human body, from the kid to the adult to the slim person to the not so slim person. 

Prof. ISBISTER: Yeah. I think that also if you think about the emotional components of movement, I think about things like modern dance, or just how little children like to express themselves through how they move or skip around the room, there's a lot of leeway for what you might call abstracted movement games or activities where it's not necessarily mimicking a real world motion or action, but you're giving people an excuse to move in a way that changes how they feel that may be even more abstract than bubbles. You know what I mean? Just be little swishes of color and sound and...
FLATOW: Right.
Prof. ISBISTER: all about the emotional experience that happens as a result.
FLATOW: And the game or whatever you're interacting detects your emotional state.
Prof. ISBISTER: Exactly. Yeah, we're actually working with a woman who's analyzing some video we did of people playing Wii games. And she feels like -she's a certified Laban movement analyst, which is a style of dance notation. And she's pretty sure that she can detect when people are frustrated with the movement they're doing from their posture. So we're trying to identify what those cues are because our thinking is, well, wouldn't that be great if we could feed that back into systems like this and detect when somebody's kind of had it with the game mechanic from their posture and how they actually execute the move.

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