Sunday, December 19, 2010

Menage a Trois with Andrew

I have a confession to make.  My husband and I have company in bed.   Sometimes a third person just makes it so much better.  We just feel more relaxed and soothed with Andrew as his magic touch runs up and down our bodies.  Andrew's calming presence just takes the edge off whenever we feel the need for a little more relaxation

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However, it's not what you think.   Andrew is an app, or rather a series of apps on the Iphone.  There is a whole series of apps called Relaxing with Andrew and they range from just straight relaxation through falling asleep, visualizing success, creativity and more energy.  There are apps for losing weight and stopping drinking.

Andrew also has an app called Social Phobia.  I wish he had another name for the app but it is a great app to have when you have to walk in and face someone who is going to be unpleasant to you.  Andrew reminds you that the other person is operating according to his version of reality and that "You Know the Truth".   Very useful in keeping things in perspective.

I also like his apps for visualizing success and healing.   I haven't tried his energy app but I think I will.
His "Move On" app is also quite nice for picking yourself up and getting on with life.

He has just come out with an app to stop procrastinating.  I am going to try that app as well.

The Andrew in the app is Andrew Johnson,  a Scottish hypnotherapist,  relaxation coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and all round old hippie.  The apps start out with breathing and mindful focus traveling from your feet through your body and up to your head.  He then does a countdown from 10 to 1 getting you to relax further.  Then Andrew starts with some gentle suggestions along the theme of the app.  Then he counts forward from 1 to 10 as he encourages you to wake up as you keep his suggestions in mind.  Then you are awake. 

Andrew's apps are wildly popular on the iPhone app store with over 150,000 downloads.  My husband loves the apps so much he listens to them almost daily on his commute to New York City.  He gets so relaxed that he falls asleep in the middle of app.  I fully expect sometime I will get a frantic phone call from hubby begging me to come get him when he has overslept his stop  and has ended up in the train yard!

My only criticism of Andrew's apps is that I can get too relaxed with him and just too snuggy.  I really have to balance his relaxation apps with the apps invoking more energy.   On the Sensory  Integration and Praxis Test,  I rate as "low registration", i.e. high sensory thresholds and a passive self regulation strategy.  In other words, I don't notice what my senses (ear, eyes, body, smell) are telling me, it takes a lot more than most people to get a response from me and I'm a bit oblivious to what's going on around me.  I just let things in my environment occur... I don't actively seek out stimulation.  On one hand, I can tolerate a lot of pain, which is good when a medical professional wants to poke me.  On the other hand, I am not always aware of what's going on in my body.   So, I need "waking" type of activities to modulate my energy.  I started talking to Jean, my Occupational Therapist, about incorporating some of these activities in my daily routine, aka a "sensory diet" involving stimulation of the five senses.  So, I very much need to balance Andrew with energetic, "up" type of activities.  For more info on Sensory Integration and Processing.

If you don't have an iphone and want a taste of Andrew, there's a  Youtube Video.

He also has a CD on Amazon,  Deep Relaxation and he has also posted some mp3s:

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