Friday, December 24, 2010

My Brain Gives Me An Early Xmas Present

I thought I'd take a little victory lap.

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I've been doing Brain Fitness, the software program by Posit Science, that sharpens the auditory system of the brain for faster thinking, sharper focus, and better memory.  I have mastered their first game, "Hi Lo" and have got over 20,000 points.   "Hi Lo" whoops at you with sweeps of sound starting from high to low and vice verse.  I am doing the extra credit part with bursts of sweeps.

Also, I have made a lot of progress with the Wii.  I started to pay attention to the center of balance.  My Center of Balance is typically too far to the right and back.  I am making it a shift my weight to the left and forward by realigning my hips in relationship to my feet.  This has paid off.

I have scored "Personal Best" in the  Balance Bubble where your avatar is in a bubble floating on a river.  You have to keep your bubble from bursting by making sure it doesn't crash into the riverbanks of a winding river.

Another "Personal Best" in Soccer Heading,  where you headbut the soccer ball.  I am finally getting my coordination in sync with the rhythm in which the ball is being kicked at me.

Another "Personal Best" in Ski Slalom, where you try to ski between the slalom gates.  This has always been really challenging for me as I have gone to fast for my sense of coordination and have banged into the slalom gates.

I have also gotten much better at the Rhythm Parade.  Hubby really smokes this one with a score in the 500 range.  He gave the tip of waiting till the circles turn pink before flicking my wrist. 

In the extra balance exercises, I am doing much better at keeping my center of balance where it should be.  I can see the squiggles converge much closer to the center of the circle.

Somehow I think my neurons just snapped into place a bit more and are giving me an early Christmas present.
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