Friday, December 31, 2010

Noted Neuroscientist Plotting Next Generation of Nintendo Brain Age

 More on the brain fitness game front.   Noted Neuroscientist, Ryuta Kawashima, has just released the title of the next generation of Nintendo Brain Age:  Brain Age 3Ds.  Those of us reading the tea leaves are pondering whether this means just a 3D version of Nintendo Brain Age or whether there is more to it.

Dr. Kawashima specializes in mapping regions of the brain to faculties such as emotion, language, memorization, and cognition and using this information to help people improve their faculties. 

He has done work regarding eye contact and eye motion and its mapping to the amygdala,  andother areas in the limbic system, namely, the left insula and cingulate cortex, GO/NOGO decisions (critical to understanding ADHD), time, and memory.  It will be interesting to see how his research will influence his next generation game.