Thursday, December 9, 2010

Occupational Therapy Assessment With Jean

A plot of a normal distribution (or bell curve...Image via WikipediaThe end of the year brings yet another assessment.  I am accumulating a fine library of documentation.  This time around it is an occupational therapy assessment report.  Jean and I went over the results of her initial screening. 

  • Quick Neurological Screening Test -- this test is actually 15 subtests that evaluate balance and posture, tactile processing, auditory processing, visual skills and motor/kinetic skills.   I test normal with an overall score of 5.  25 is the limit for normal functioning.  Most things were normal except, as also noted by my audiologist, Maxine Young, I can pass the hearing test but I have to concentrate really hard.  Also I have a problem standing on one leg and doing the tandem walk (heel to toe) with my eyes closed (I can do these normally with my eyes open).  
  • Purdue Pegboard Test -- this test involves placement of 1/8 inch wide pegs into a pegboard with each hand separately, both hands simultaneously, and with both hands using a pegs, washers, and cylindrical pieces.  I didn't do too well on this test.  My right hand scored 13 and ranks in the 1 percentile; my left scores 14 and  ranks in the 5 percentile;  both hands scores 10 pairs and ranks in the 1 percentile; assembly scores 30 pieces and ranks in the 6 percentile.  The Purdue Pegboard Test is standardized for adults only in the context of factory or production work-- not my current  occupation.   Jean noted that I am able to manipulate the small pieces needed for this test, and I may be functional for basic activities of daily living; however, it may be hard for me to complete tasks where fine-motor speed is critical.   
  • WOLD Sentence Copying Test -- This test involves copying a long sentence from paper.  I do fine on this test.
  • Keyboarding Skills.  I do fine on this test -- 50 words per minute with one error.  I worked as a secretary in college (I was a lousy secretary, though).
  • Sensory Processing.  I still score as low registration meaning I miss some types of sensory input in my environment:  I miss signs when I go somewhere new,  I ask people to repeat things, don't always hear when people call my name or smell things other people smell.
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