Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Brains are Weight Lifting

During the big snow when there's not much else to do (we are getting about 1 foot of snow here), my husband and I are gutting it out in our bedroom exercising our brain with Posit Science's Brain Fitness. Recreated :File:Neuron-no labels2.png in Inksc...Image via Wikipedia

I am going great guns with the "Hi Lo" game which is supposed to improve brain processing speed.  I have progressed from 102 milliseconds down to 29 milliseconds which is much better than most people.   I guess the old synapses are just firing away!   Zit-Zit! or whatever sound synapses make!

Brain Fitness has increased the speed of the sounds  I am doing OK matching syllables -- nothing special to remark on.  According to the forum that Posit Science sponsors, a number of us are having difficulties distinguishing Dah Gah and Sheh Cheh.

But I am doing better at following instructions:  I have moved up from 4 instructions to 5 quite consistently and I have even attempted 6 instructions. 

Hubby is doing Brain Fitness, too, in the hopes that he will score better on a standardized test he wants to take later this year for a professional credential.   He is going a little gagga over Dah Gah as well.

Well, we are both pooped out from our workout and are going to curl up in bed for a nice afternoon nap on a snowy day.  Maybe put on our friend, Andrew, for some relaxation.  

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