Friday, January 28, 2011

Awwww Fugedaboutit!!

You can tell I live in the NorthEast with a title like that.  No one else in the country bellows Fugadeaboutit in quite the same way.  We're a bit more, how shall I say it, salt of the earth.   At any rate, somehow it is fitting to begin this post in a round a bout way considering how the day went. 
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This morning, I wanted to write about my last day of Brain Fitness and my final scores including the ones on memory.  I went to grab the scrap of paper upon which I had written my scores and I found that I had lost it!  Boy, do I feel dumb.

I am not sure what it was... whether it was the end of doing a lot of cognitive therapy that has worn me out or a reflection of my scores:

Game    Targeted Skill    Improvement    Final Score
Hi Lo     Processing Speed    71%   
Tell Us Apart    Discriminating Sounds    36%    16420
Match It    Sound Precision    26%    25144
Sound Replay    Sound Sequencing    9%   
Listen & Do    Working Memory    0%   
Story Teller    Narrative Memory    39%    6020

Hi Lo
Finished the game.
My Total Score for "Hi Lo" is about 51000.   In this regard, my hearing has improved by 72%!!!

Tell Us Apart

Level 14    Baa/Daa, Boe/Doe, Bu/Du*
Level 13    Deh/Geh, Dah/Gah, Baa/Paa
Level 12    Doe/Toe, Sheh/Cheh
Level 11    Gee/Kee, Sah/Stah

Regressed to Level 11/12 at the End

Match It:
 Right now, I am at Speech Processing Level 5. I can do 30 grids for all sounds at Level 5

Story Teller
 I've done all the stories at all Speech Levels and answered the questions pretty well. My total Score is 6020.

Sound Replay
 Usually, I can get 5 sounds in order and I am at Level 4 out of 5.  My best was getting 6 sounds in order. My total score is 11650.

Listen and Do

 Type of Click/Move    Level    Number of Instructions
Easy Click    5    6
Harder Click    5    6
Easier Move    4    2
Harder Move    4    3

I am pretty happy about my processing speed.  But, I am not too happy about my working memory:  neither from my scores where I really didn't improve it or from my behavior!  I spent the day feeling a bit blue that I didn't get too far with my memory.

But, tomorrow is another day.  There are other programs out there that improve working memory.  We'll see what my audiologist has to say about this.

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