Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Told You

"I Told You" (No, You Didn't.  At least, not that I can recall) ... "Do I Have to Repeat Myself"  ( Yes, You Do.)
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These are some of the problems you can have when you can't remember what people have just told you.  It's quite aggravating on both ends when the communication  breaks down.  So, I have been doing exercises to help with auditory processing and memory with Posit Science's "Brain Fitness".

I noticed one thing in common with some of my scores on "Brain Fitness" is that I am not doing so well with stuff that requires memory, ie "Listen and Do" where you follow lists of instructions and "Sound Replay" where you listen and try to remember a sequence of syllables.  So, I am pondering how to remember what I have heard better. 

I will be finishing "Brain Fitness" shortly and will be conferring with my audiologist on the next steps.  But, I also believe in "healthy living" and augmenting therapy with common sense and doing exercises that will keep up what I learned in therapy.

The more you practice auditory memory exercises, the better you'll get and soon you won't have to write anything down. You'll hear something once and will be ingrained in your short term memory for a longer period of time than you're normally used to. This is great for phone numbers, addresses, instructions, shopping lists and more.
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