Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oif, Oif, Oif... and I don't mean Operation Iraqi Freedom.... just moan, moan, moan...Brain coral at depth of 40 feet Brain CoralImage by drurydrama (Len Radin) via Flickr

I have finished 2 of the easier games in Posit Science's Brain Fitness and now, I have only 4 games left.  Unfortunately, only one of the games, "Match It",  where you look for sounds that you have heard in a grid and match them up, is easy; the rest are hard and aggravating.  Nine more days of Brain Fitness.

"Tell Us Apart" is driving me bonkers.   "Tell Us Apart" has you try to distinguish pairs of similar sounding syllables:  boe/doe, dah/gah, sheh/cheh, sah/stah, etc.  Not fun.  At the end of 15 minutes of this, I am going"Duhhhhh".   One really aggravating thing is that I am almost maxing out boe/doe but I just can't push it over the edge and the program is having me repeat, repeat, repeat.   Give it a rest, I say.  But no.  Just repeat it over and over.  Some of the sounds just sound alike to me.

"Sound Replay" is also not fun.  "Sound Replay" has you keep ever increasingly longer lists of syllables in your mind.  I am stuck on keeping 5 syllables in my brain.  I can do it for syllables that don't sound the same; but I can't seem to get past similarly sounding syllables:  bid, tip, tick, gig,bit.
The game has me repeating this constantly; I drop back to 4 syllables and then I return to 5 dissimilar syllables and then attempt 5 similar syllables. 

"Listen And Do" -- more moaning.  I can't keep more than 4 instructions in my brain.  5 instructions on a good day. 

I just found that they have a coaching program to help you practice some of the areas that you are deficient in.  I will give that a whirl...  and see what happens.  Also, ask Maxine, my audiologist, for any tips.

Don't get me wrong.  I think "Brain Fitness" has really helped my hearing.  I can hear a lot better in many areas and I feel that I am thinking more clearly.  It's just not a complete picnic each and every day.

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