Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old Home Week with Maxine

Going back to see my audiologist, Maxine Young, is like old home week.  Maxine met me with a big hug and complimented me on the softness of the vest I was wearing.  I have been looking forward to seeing her as she is not only a very smart cookie but has been very supportive and savvy about treating my hearing problems and giving me a good roadmap as to how to handle my other problems. 
 Absolute thresholds of hearing by age in males...Absolute thresholds of hearing by ageImage via Wikipedia
I caught her up on my history and she is amazed at all that I've been doing.  She thinks that a lot of people would have given up in my situation and she is impressed with the progress that I have made.

Maxine gave me a  hearing test which has showed some improvement in hearing.  My hearing threshold has dropped to 5 Decibels from 10-15 which means I can hear much softer sounds.  This means I don't need a hearing aide for amplification!  Yippee!!!

She is pondering whether I would need to do "Fast Forward", a computerized program that treats auditory processing,  at all.  As my gentle readers know, I have been doing "Brain Fitness" by Posit Science.  Maxine says that "Brain Fitness" is "Fast Forward" for adults plus some other stuff.  

Maxine also thinks that all the other therapies that I've been doing have helped out tremendously in terms of how neuroplasticity works to enhance auditory function.

I told her about problems that I have had with talking to people both one-on-one and also in groups.  She thinks that these may be sensory processing issues. 

Maxine is going to ponder the new information and think about the next steps.  In addition to tinnitus,  she thinks that I probably should start working on executive function soon and that any attention problems may not be related to auditory processing. She will call me in a week.

All this testing and the hour drive over to the other side of Philadelphia knocked my socks off so I went home and slept for 4 1/2 hours.  I am looking forward to hearing what Maxine has to say.

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