Monday, February 7, 2011

Mii has Fun On the Wii

I've been doing the WII Fit with Balance Board for the past couple of weeks on a fun basis rather than using it seriously to try and improve my balance.   I'm only doing what I feel  like doing.

So, I'm just goofing about... giving my neurons a rest.  I've been doing Snowball and am an expert at Snowball.  Although I either do really well with Snowball on the expert level and get 3 stars out of 4 or I really suck at it and get walloped in my first couple of hits.

I also do Soccer and I am at an advanced level on soccer with 3 out of 4 stars.  I am doing much better at games with judgment. 
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I also do Table Tilt Plus having worked through basic Table Tilt.  I get about sixty points.  I am still stuck on the last two levels.  Occasionally, I get all of them.

Finally, I often do Rhythm Parade.   My husband does Rhythm Parade and really smokes it.  I think he has missed his calling in life and should be a drum major.  Honestly, I am thinking of signing him up for one of the nearby Mummers Bands.  I am doing pretty well at the Rhythm Parade but only after massive amount of work and effort to get there.  I am a Calorie Torcher at the Advanced Level with 3 out of 4 stars.  I like doing Rhythm Parade when I really smoke it because I get feedback from the ground through my feet.  When I am really on the beat consistently, my body really feels the ground.  Its a nice sensation.

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