Monday, February 7, 2011

My Eyes are Stuck

It Sucks!  My eyes are stuck...

I have plateaued in my quest for 3D vision.  I can put my finger up and get objects in my house behind my finger to double up but I can't seem to do it for objects in the distance outside.  It's a lot of work to get my eyes to converge.  I can do my eccentric circles just fine.   I can get these two images on the right to converge into one image.  But my 3D vision just isn't happening, yet.  I am still waiting for my Stereo Sue moment.  I want to dance in a snowfall and feel connected to the falling snow.

I have been doing my Dynamic Reader just fine.  I think the Dynamic Reader has helped me read better.  I never knew how much jumping around my eyes were doing. 

I will be seeing Dr. Herzberg March 1st and we shall see what the next steps will be.
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