Saturday, April 30, 2011

Next Round Of Vision Therapy

Went back to Vision Therapy for a few more sessions to get 3D vision.  It was good to see Marianne, the vision therapist.  The practice has bought a new machine, a projector that hooks up to the computer. Marianne reran the software program HTS Vision that has the stereoscopic images that I had done previously.  However, instead of only displaying the images on the computer, the projector put them on the wall about 10 feet from me.  We worked on converging and diverging my eyes.  I've got to take in my iphone and play some music as I do much better if I can quiet my verbal side. 
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Death By Peeps

My Peeps Have Done Me In!

Oh Man!

What is Life Coming To, When You Can't Trust Your Peeps?

I don't mean peeps as in Crew or in Mob or Fans or Friends.  I mean Peeps as in Chicks... Hot, Delicious Easter Chicks.

My all time favorite were the Peeps that used to be done by a local chocolate shop who enrobed home-made Marshmallow with all the love and passion that chocolate can give.  We used to order boxes of these devils, gorge ourselves early and often on peeps before Easter and finish with a peep orgy on Easter.   There is absolutely nothing like fresh home made marshmallow.  I'd never suffer from anything more than a mild tummy ache from overindulgence from these peeps.Pink Marshmallow PeepsImage via Wikipedia

Unfortunately, cost cutting and frugality has come home to my local shop.  They have stopped making their own peeps from scratch (or getting them from someone who did) and bought storebought colored peeps and dunked them in chocolate.  Not the same at all.  Not fresh and delightful.  I am not buying those peeps again.

So, my husband went out and bought regular old peeps at the grocery store  and I had my peep festival anyhow.  Not the same.  My tummy has really hurt and I am quite itchy.  Also, I feel a lot more spacy over the past week and I think it has something to do with the peeps and the chemicals in the peeps.

Next year, I'll stay away from peeps unless I get excited enough to make my own.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gluten Free Alcohol

Here's a nice little article about gluten free drinking.

"All distilled beverages, a.k.a. spirits, are gluten-free. Distilled beverages with added flavoring are not necessarily gluten free, but several types of American schnapps are. If the distilled beverage has flavoring, you’ll definitely need to check its gluten-free status before drinking. Below is our list of definitely gluten-free alcohol. As you can see, there’s a very large variety that you can drink. Cheers!"

Gluten Free Alcohol | Triumph Dining:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ms. Snuffalafugas

I'm going back to being Snuffy, aka Ms. Snuffalafugas, as I start tickling my olfactory neurons in my nose.

In addition to prescribing me alpha lipoic acid, Dr. Doty has told me to start sniffing different scents.  So I am adding some morning snorts to my daily post surgical nasal routine of Sudi-Med "nasal lavage" and snorting Bupedisone.

I have a little aromatherapy pot that I have put some scents in.   Also, I am snorting my little jars of scent. Yesterday, I used lavender oil grown by Carousel Farms near my house.  Carousel Farms is going to be blooming in June and is a lovely place filled with lavender fields and lamas.

Today, I am using spearmint oil. 

I think I will try smelling one smell 4 x a week, a second smell 2x a week and a third smell 1 x a week.  I will rotate through the fragance wheel.  Like the color wheel, fragrances can be arranged in a wheel showing complementary and analogous fragrances. This wheel is used by perfumers in developing fragrances.  I am looking at how perfumers and chefs develop their noses and seeing if there are any of these techniques that I can use for myself as there are no established medical protocols  to enhance smell.

All I can say is this is a strange journey.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Very Own Project Runway

Necklace made from crochet lace, pearls, and s...Image via WikipediaI just realized another upside to all the therapy that I have been doing.   I can put on jewelry now mostly all by my self. 

This is a good thing as I have inherited my MIL's costume jewelry and a Chico's gift card.  So, I have been mixing and matching outfits and pairing various combinations of necklaces, earings and bracelets.  It's a bit of a trick to figure out how a 90 year old's taste in jewelry works in modern life.   One good thing is that antique jewelry is coming back in style.  The "heirloom look" as a key trend from Spring 2011's Fashion Week.  Only, it's not called "heirloom look' but eco-chic, greening up your style, or recycled jewelry.   In fashion, what's old is new is old until it's new again.

Also, I did get MIL to go to Chico's to update her style which she did enjoy tremendously.  She picked up a few snazzy pieces of  jewelry.  So I have a wide assortment of bling to fling on  myself.

Before therapy, I often had to have hubby's help in taking on or off a necklace.  Or, I  rotated a clasp around to the front so I could see what I was doing.  It was a trick to figure out how to read a mirror image backwards as I fumbled with opening a clasp or unhooking a fish hook earring.  Now I can manage putting on my bling just by touch.

Good thing as I have been taking on and off jewelry and mixing and matching like mad.  Kind of like reliving age 13 or 14.  Only this time I can really manage all by myself.

Wait till I hit make up!  Then you will really know that I have been reliving my tweens and teens.

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Vision Therapy and Performance IQ

I am wondering what the impact of vision therapy might have on Performance IQ.  Performance IQ is a measure of non-verbal intelligence.  It is composed of  six tests and it also provided two subindexes; perceptual organization and processing speed.

The Perceptual organization index included:
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale subscores an...Image via WikipediaThe Processing speed index included:

On the LdOnline Message board, Mothers of children with non-verbal learning disability are wondering the same thing.   A quick glance at PubMed and Medscape shows no study out there showing any relationship between vision therapy and IQ.

However, I can't help but think that improved vision can't help but improve performance IQ.  After vision therapy, I am a lot more confident with many tasks involving vision.  I really felt a lot more confident with attempting things like painting that I never would have tried prior to vision therapy.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Curious about Vision Therapy's Wider Impacts

Getting back on the stick.  MIL passed away 2 weeks ago and life is returning back to normal which means going back to therapy and blogging.  Many thanks to my gentle readers for bearing with me at this time.

Plates from the Seven Lamps of Architecture - ...Image via Wikipedia In returning back to vision therapy, I am wondering about the wider effects of vision therapy especially as it relates to higher order functioning in areas like organization, visual spatial skills and planning.  I feel like I am more organized and that it is easier to be organized.  Not that I have conquered these mountains yet, but I do feel that it is a lot easier.

For one thing, filling out forms is MUCH EASIER.  I used to really hate filling out forms with a passion.  I know I have company here.  Who likes paperwork?  But filling out paperwork used to be extremely fatiguing and used to provoke a lot of anxiety.   Anxiety pondering the paperwork to be done and then anxiety while doing the paperwork.  Not that I enjoy paperwork these days, but it can be done without getting so tired and definitely without  much angst.

On a side note, the only thing left to get conquered with paperwork is getting a looser grasp on a pen.  On my evaluations,  I have superior grip strength which I suppose has some advantages somewhere.  But being the King Kong of mashing pencils and pens is very tiring to the hands.  I am starting to try to use special pen grips which seem to help because my hands can get very tired from crushing a pen while doing a lot of paperwork. 

Also, when I get depth perception, I am wondering how that will affect my emotional and social side.  What will it be like to understand relationships and sense the feelings  between myself and the physical world?